NEW “Gap Year” Program


The European tradition of taking a year for alternative activities between high school and a probable college education is an increasingly popular idea in the US. Before undertaking a college commitment involving outlays of $50,000 to $200,000+, it is incumbent on students (and their indebted families) to make sure the next step is the right educational step. Don’t be a Zombie! Think!

This weekend I met with a June college graduate of a relatively inexpensive Southern university. She had changed majors 4 times in 6 years, taking on $95,000 in student debt. She has never traveled outside the US, or even west of the Mississippi River. While confident about her future career path now, graduate school is out of the question for several years. She is working a full-time job plus waitressing several nights a week. Her entire part-time pay is dedicated to student debt.

With all that, she is better positioned than most college students because her “real” job is in her major field. However, “settling down” or taking career risks are not options as she is enslaved to debt.


Who is eligible?

Single male high school graduates, 18-25 years old, in top half of your graduating high school class. We work with students trying to figure out what THEY want to do in life, not what their parents want them to do. However, we do agree with parents that “education” is important (maybe or maybe not college. Here in the 21st Century college is obsolete for many, but not all, “life plans”.)

Because fewer than 1/3 who begin will complete our program (not because we flunk them, but because they give up), you need to know you CAN focus and commit to goals. (Actually, it’s good if you’re confused, ambivalent, or undecided right now because that means you’re open to new ideas.)

IF making money &/or building wealth and financial freedom are not important to you, we are not your program because financial discipline and respect for the freedom wealth can provide you in the future are important pieces of the program. (If you’re a healthy 25 or younger, you’re a guaranteed millionaire over TIME, time being the key element to getting rich slowly.)

How the Gap Year Works

We guide you through 4 steps:

1. Boot Camp-style 4 months of hard full-time physical labor in the highest paying jobs available for healthy, incredibly hard-working, ambitious young men. PLUS Dave Ramsey money management course PLUS basics of investing PLUS a part-time job in an industry you think may be of interest to you. You live at home or with family, friends for free– and save half of every nickel you earn for investing.

2. 4 months in a country of your choosing, working for a church mission or volunteer with a NGO, learning or improving your foreign language skills PLUS taking 2 guided online courses of your choosing on your religion, the area culture, history, or geography. PLUS travel throughout the country.

3. 4 months “hard skills” training PLUS paid part-time “interning” in an industry that interests you PLUS Skype-based training with an expert Executive Recruiter on resume writing, interview techniques, and career networking.

4. Decision making: Counseling in making your next step: hybrid college/ work; additional hard skills training and education in how to start a business or how to climb the Fortune 500 career ladder; full-time college on a debt free, income earning basis (which we teach and can assure you $1,000 /month income on an earn while you learn basis).

IF you think you can hang tough and want to learn more, respond to OR comment below.

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